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Copyright WAGS 2005-2018 All rights reserved.
Copyright WAGS 2005-2018 All rights reserved.
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Wag’s is Middle Tennessee’s finest pet waste removal service for homeowners and communities.  We create a healthier environment by thoroughly removing the pet waste so you don’t have to. We leave you with a clean lawn and more valuable time to enjoy it!  Our business is locally owned and operated right here in good old Tennessee. We have a new branch opening in Nevada and one in Missouri. Our main headquarters is located in Murfreesboro TN.
About Wags
We have heard some funny remarks about our line of work. Yes, we are Pooper Scoopers. Sometimes ‘business stinks’ and other times we are ‘Raking it in’. But seriously, Our vision is to provide thorough and affordable pet waste removal for pet owners and our community. The fact is, pet waste carries over 23 million fecal coliform bacteria that can have adverse affects on your health. So, proper pet waste removal is crucial to maintaining the health of our families, pets and communities.   Waste & Ground Sanitation (W.A.G.S) presents an affordable solution to the pet waste problem.  And by using our service, here is what you save: 1. Save your family, friends & pets health from germs that are tracked into your home. 2. Save your valuable time for life’s finer moments. 3. Save your lawn from unsightly pet waste spotting & dead grass. 4. Save your money from the higher priced scooper companies. We like to think that WAGS is here to save the day! So, call today for an affordable quote from a WAGS representative :) Call (615) 625-2159
Community Pet Waste Removal for only $17.50 per week!